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Quantus Features

Ask ten accountants what they need from a system and you will get ten different answers, and that's a fact! How do you design systems to deal with them then, one might ask? The answer is to be immensely flexible, and to be an accountant. The designers of Quantus are accountants, not only accountants but commercial business oriented accountants who have worked right up to their necks in you know what.  This is what the accountants  asked for.

"I want a system that has instant on screen enquiries into every piece of data that could ever exist"
Quantus can do that, in that if you put it in we can get it out, for example on screen trial balance enquiries for any period any year, sub second.
"I want enquiries and drills (you know data mining and all that stuff) that really are enquiries that I can navigate my way through and not reports printed to screen. I want reports to be reports and enquiries to be enquiries."
OK Quantus works like that.
"I want a TB printed out in under a minute for any period that I choose"
Quantus can do that even if you have 10,000 account codes.
"I want my system to be up to date every time I post a transaction"
Quantus can do that, it's a real time system.
"I want the system to prove its integrity three times over"
Quantus can do it two times over because it does quadruple entry not double entry book-keeping. What's that then, you say. Try it and see!

"I want to see the profit figure on screen by cost centre and I want a balanced Balance Sheet without having to run a dratted program"

Yup can do that too.
"I want a system that will let me adjust a previous period's data (an audit journal maybe) but I want the subsequent Balance Sheets to be updated automatically without me having to post the entry again into the next year."
Quantus can do that.
"I want a system that will stop me from posting into a previous period because I have sent out my management accounts, and they are right."
Hang on a minute that's the opposite of the one before - well not really - what you need is a control system based on a calendar. Quantus has got that too
"I want a system that allows me to carry on processing data when I reach the month end. I can't afford to stop posting next month's transactions whilst the month end is shut down. I need a cash book figure which is always up to date."
What you need is a control system based on a calendar which deals with period ends automatically. What you want is Quantus.
"I want a system that handles dates correctly. I want a system that lets me post old supplier invoices with their real date but updates my current general ledger period, and I want to see supplier balances which line up with both the real calendar month and the general ledger month."
Yes Quantus can do that, and as you are starting to be very demanding I'll throw in the fact that Quantus can produce a report reconciling the purchase and sales ledger true calendar monthly balances with the general ledger view of life. And just to make you really pleased you can do it any time after the year end. So there is no need to print a supplier or customer balances list at exactly the year end for the auditors. You can do it any time.
"Hang on a minute who said anything about period ends. I don't want to have to run period ends, or year ends come to that. I want seamless continuous processing".
OK got that too.
"Excuse me but did you say cash book - you can't mean an up to date cash book on a computer system - I don't want that - I must have a red cash book".
OK we'll provide a red cash book as long as you promise not to use it
"Well all that is fine but I don't use monthly accounting, I do 4:4:5 week periods. We are sophisticated accountants"
No problem at all. Quantus can handle up to 18 monthly periods, 13 4 weekly periods, 53 weekly periods, 4:4:5, 4:5:4, 5:4:4 and short or long years. In fact if you don't like any of those then you can make up your own calendar.
" I have had problems in the past with partial cash receipts and payments. I want a system that allows purchase and sales ledger partial receipts and payments. And I want to be able to undo a cash matching and do it again differently."
Yes sir, no problem there.
"I want a system that does not have account codes called DO NOT USE".
Quantus has alias account codes which can be changed. It also has a system for hiding codes that are obsolete. You can't delete data in Quantus but you can hide the rubbish.
"I want an incredibly easy system, in particular I want a system that stops me from entering correcting journals the wrong way round and doubling up my mistake - I do that a lot".
No problem - Quantus has another secret which will help you lots. It is actually the most complicated bit of the whole system as far as programming is concerned, which is why nobody else seems to have done it. It works for transactions besides journals as well. If you get to try Quantus have a go at cancelling a reallocated part paid invoice and see what happens! Oh and while you're trying that try cancel journal.
"I want a system that will make it impossible for users to post rubbish into general ledger accounts that they are not supposed to be using".
Quantus can't make it impossible but we have provided templates, account level controls by source ledger, and forced template entry routines for temps and new users.
"I want sales and purchase ledger screens that show a current and historical view of a supplier statement without having to page through a database - not like the American systems".
No problem here with Quantus it's a European designed European built system with proper statement views (but it is a Microsoft Windows® compatible product).
"I want to be able to track a transaction from start to finish by finding system generated links. I want to see what invoices were paid by a particular cheque, and I want to see what cheque paid a particular invoice, and I want to see the general ledger journal that was created."
OK that seems fair. Quantus links everything and will maintain the linking until you do something to break the link.
"I want to see the double entry book-keeping resulting from every single transaction that is entered by pressing a button on the transaction drill. It's not good enough just to get to the journal I must see the full double entry effect of each journal - that's what's meaningful to accountants".
OK we'll try.
"I want help to find things that I can't remember. I want to get at data from as many angles as possible. I want to be able to find transactions that I know virtually nothing about. I want to do this in seconds not hours".
Quantus provides many routes in to find things in the system but you have to know something. If you can't remember anything then we're a bit stuck to be honest .
What do you want from an accounting system? If these anecdotes ring any bells with you then it's about time that you had a quick look at Quantus. It's an unusual system built by working accountants for the serious business user.