Quantus Overview

Quantus Overview

  • It is the only auto correcting, fully auditable accounting system in the UK.

  • No month ends, no year ends, unlimited visibility backwards and forwards in time.

  • Quantus builds summary metadata as you go and everything happens in real time.

  • TB and full accounts in 1 - 2 minutes for up to 5,000 General Ledger Accounts.

  • Quantus has a unique partial VAT system for the financial sector.

  • Make a mistake - Quantus will automatically remove the transaction under controlled conditions and write a new set of double entry book-keeping to track the event.

  • Designed by busy accountants, used by busy accountants

Quantus is a powerful yet flexible accounting system capable of handling large values and many millions of transactions without slowing down. It is very fast and easy to use. The system can be configured and operational in two to three
hours using predefined default data structures. Quantus has many special features and will always get you out of trouble. There are no dead ends in this product within the constraints of the database structure. You can create as many sets of books as you wish and the operator security system can be configured differently for each set. The data model can be very simple or fiendishly complex, and can grow with your requirements. Coding systems are “soft” so that you can change the coding as time moves on (an account called RENT is fine when you have one building but may need to be RENT-LONDON in the future). The database structure is unique because it allows multiple posting accounts for each cost centre and type of account. When transactions are posted the system updates a complex series of balances files which means that enquiries into all the data including summary data are instantaneous. Every transaction calculates the profit element and updates the reserves in real time so that the balance sheet always balances. You do not have to run a program to update the reserves. Postings are controlled by a calendar by ledger and the calendar can be opened and closed for any period under supervisory control. This allows retrospective adjustments if necessary (eg audit adjustments). The effect of these ripple through the calendar and bring the current position up to date automatically. There are no period ends or year ends to stop continuous operation. Cash book balances are always up to date. The system is a real time system and there are no posting runs or interfaces. The system permits a view of the balance files into the future. All transaction types permit partial allocations (eg partial payments and receipts) and have de-allocation and cancellation functionality. Nothing can be deleted from the system but data (eg an account) can be disabled to hide it from current processing.

If you need an accounting system that will run happily on Windows NT4 Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 server for 2 to 250 simultaneous users then look at Quantus for a cost effective alternative. Exactly the same Quantus also runs in single user mode on any Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Business, or Windows 7 Pro PC.

Quantus is a Windows 32bit based system running true client server using the 4GL cross platform technology. It's database independent and fully SQL compliant. Currently shipping using either  SQL V8, Oracle 8, or ISAM  filing structures.

Accessible via any SQL compliant toolbox such as Crystal Reports or Excel this product has no dead ends.

Driven by an integrated accounting engine you must have Cash Book, Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, General Ledger and the Global Environment which contains the calendar, security, and user definable access system.